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Update: Effective January 24, 2022, the FDA updated the Emergency Use Authorization (EUA) fact sheets for two COVID-19 monoclonal antibody treatments: bamlanivimab plus etesevimab (Eli Lilly) and casirivimab plus imdevimab (Regeneron, also known as REGEN-COV). Neither of these treatments are authorized for use anywhere in the U.S. due to their ineffectiveness against the dominant Omicron variant. Sites are directed to immediately stop administering these therapeutics as they do not retain EUA.

The next step in the fight against COVID-19 is here.


evu shield treatment for covid

Evusheld EUA Fact Sheet:

Supply: We do NOT have both Paxlovid and molnupiravir in stock. We should receive EVUSHELD this week.

■ A new monoclonal antibody IM injection under EUA for pre-exposure prophylaxis in those aged 12+, weighing 40kg+ and:
■ Not currently infected with SARS-CoV-2 and have not had a known recent exposure
■ Have moderate-severe immune compromise and may not mount an adequate response to vaccination or cannot receive the vaccine due to history of severe adverse reaction to the COVID-19 vaccine and/or vaccine components.

Physicians Order forms EVUSHELD.
We created these in hopes of making it easier to send in prescriptions. They include important criteria to consider for each agent.

Please download the Prescriptions here

Please fax it to (410)582-8728

Patient Consent Form:
Please fill Evusheld Covid-19 mAb Registration Form here

Who is Eligible for Evusheld Treatment?

Patients must be moderately or severely immunocompromised (HIV, cancer, or taking other immunosuppressive medications). Patients must be 12 year or older and at least 88 pounds.


What is Evusheld?

Evushield is a long-acting monoclonal antibody that helps prevent COVID-19 in patients with weak immune systems. It is not a vaccine substitute!

    What does Evusheld do?

    Evusheld reduces the risk of symptomatic COVID-19 by 77% for up to 6 months after administration.


    What can I expect with Evusheld treatment?

    Evusheld constists of 2 gluteal injections done one right after the other followed by an hour of monitoring. You can expect to be at the pharmacy for about an hour and 15 minutes.

      How do I get Evusheld?

      Evusheld requires a prescription, so talk to your healthcare provider.

      Questions? Call us at (443) 281-9157. We look forward to serving you!

      If you have questions about whether mAb treatment is right for you, contact your physician or give us a call at (443) 281-9157.

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