Long Acting Injections

Long-acting injectables (LAIs) are Injectable medications used to treat psychosis (hallucinations or delusions) in individuals living with schizophrenia while others may be used in individuals with bipolar disorder. LAI can also be used in HIV treatment and prevention. LAI injections can last anywhere from 2-24 weeks. As a result, LAIs can help individuals stay on track with a medication plan. 

Potential Provided LAIs

  • Prolixin

  • Haldol Decanoate

  • Abilify Maintena 

  • Aristada

  • Aristada Initio 

  • Zyprexa Relprev 

  • Invega Sustenna 

  • Invega Trinza

  • Invega Hafyera 

  • Risperdal Consta 

  • Perseris

  • Rykindo  

  • Vivitrol

  • Sublocade 

  • Apretude

  • Cabenuv
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